Midwest Memorial Group (MMG)

Midwest Memorial Group (MMG) owns and operates 28 cemeteries throughout Michigan. Many of these cemeteries are historic in nature and have been serving their communities for more than a century.

MMG cemeteries are situated in natural, park-like settings surrounded by beauty and wildlife. We are committed to preserving the historic integrity and excellence of our locations, while providing perpetual care and peace of mind to the families we serve.

Our compassionate counselors are trained to educate families on a variety of products and services offered by MMG as well as provide warm and personalized service.

Notice to Cemetery Visitors

Our cemeteries did not ask or give its permission to be included as a Pokémon Go website. We welcome all guests to our cemeteries. However we ask all guests to be respectful when they are in a cemetery. Always be safe in the cemetery while being respectful. Elements of respect to be shown in a cemetery are Courtesy, Consideration and Observing Proper Etiquette:

Be courteous to people who are attending burial services. This is the worst day of their lives. Keep your distance from any of those services. Be quiet. Avoid interference with their services. Do not interfere with incoming procession of cars to a burial ceremony. Give them the right of way. Stand with respect as the hearse passes by;

Show consideration to other cemetery guests who are there at a gravesite of a loved one. These are moments of quiet solitude for these individuals. Allow them their time at the grave site of their loved one;

Cemetery etiquette includes the following correct behaviors:

Do not sit or stand or lean bicycles against memorials, statutes or buildings in the cemetery;

  • Keep all vehicles on the roads in the cemetery;
  • Do not block roadways with your vehicle. Park in designated areas or please pull carefully to the side of road;
  • Vehicles should not speed on the cemetery roads. Keep all speeds lower than 15 miles per hour;
  • Walk in pathways in cemetery gardens if at all possible. If not you might be walking across a grave;
  • Do not take or touch any mementos which have been placed on graves or next to crypts or niches. These are important symbols to someone of their love for the deceased;
  • Do not pick or damage plant materials, watering systems or most importantly – family monuments;
  • Be quiet in the cemetery;
  • Do not bring food or drink into the cemetery;
  • Put all trash in proper receptacles.

Finally we want to stress being safe in the cemetery. Do not operate a vehicle or ride a bike while looking at a cell phone in the cemetery. Be careful when walking if you are looking at your cell phone. We want you and all guests to have a safe and respectful visit to our cemeteries.

Observe directions or instructions given to you by cemetery personnel.

Our Cemetery did not ask or give permission to be a Pokémon Go site. We do not know how Niantic, Inc. and the program designers of Pokémon photographed or selected a site. We just know that since the weekend of July 9th, 2016 when Pokémon Go went live we have had thousands of unexpected visitors at our cemeteries.

Our hopes were that everyone who wants to come to our cemeteries would act in a respectful and courteous manner so all could be welcomed. However with just over nine days of this Pokémon activity in the cemetery, our cemeteries have experienced such increased number of visitors as to have traffic congestion problems in our cemeteries. We have taken down our signs saying we welcome visitors if you are respectful and have had to instead replace those signs with ones stating that we will ask visitors to our cemeteries who are being disruptive to leave or will ask the police to assist us in escorting them off of the premises and we will prosecute them.

We have made contact with Niantic, Inc. (415-570-8871 / / CEO Mr. John Hanke.) and completed their form asking for all of our cemeteries to be removed as possible Pokémon Go locations and received confirmation that they received our request. However long that process will take for Niantic to acknowledge and honor our request is not predictable at this point in time, however be assured that we are actively demanding that Pokémon Go take our cemeteries off of their list of possible sites. We will continue to monitor that request and included contact information for Pokémon leadership below. Feel free to contact these people with your comments.


Gilman Louie, Board Member                         John Hanke, CEO

Niantic, Inc.                                                        Niantic, Inc.

943 Howard St.                                                  2 Bryant St, Suite 200

San Francisco, CA 94103-4119                       San Francisco, CA 94


Mr. Hanke also found on

Our commitment is to our families and friends who are burying their loved ones at one of our cemeteries and to those loving people who come to pay respect at their loved one’s burial site that we will actively attempt to maintain the decorum of reverence for them during this time of loss and remembrance of their loved one.


Midwest Memorial Group

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